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About Me

Heya! I’m Teddy (or Jude if you prefer), and I use the Finnish pronoun series hän/hänet/hänen. You can look at my CV and browse the site if you wanna know about my research, this is section is just about me, not my work. However, with that said, my work is very intertwined with my external identifiers, such as being Queer.

I’m from the American South originally, now taking up house in the Northeast, but I was raised by Tumblr.com. I’m a writer of poetry, which I speak little about having published, but I also write a considerable amount of fanfiction that should never see the eyes of those who know me for my research. I’ve sunk thousands upon thousands of hours into video games, but the Dragon Quest series will always be the closest to my heart.

I’m a Lebanese Jew and have been doing activism work for my people for many years. I have Autism, and I’m very public about this fact as it makes communication generally easier (oftentimes I find people aren’t willing to communicate with direct language when asked unless I specify the purpose).

Currently, I’m doing Dutch immersion and trying my hand at French with a surprising amount of success. I am rarely seen without headphones. My favorite book is Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. Dislikes: dark chocolate, grocery stores, and European toilet flush pressure.

What you’ll do with this information I’m unsure–go nuts, I guess, and nice to meet you!