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LanGeSex: The Conference We All Needed

I presented Project MapLemon at Language, Gender, & Sexuality at the University of Helsinki this October and was immersed in the most accepting academic environment I have ever set foot in. Amazing research, amazing people, and I truly hope there will be another LanGeSex in the future.

I want to thank everyone there for this wonderful opportunity, it was truly a conference for the ages! See you next year…!?

Conference Trail Postmortem & Updates – FEAT. A Bonus Announcement!

Hello, world! The MapLemon team had a wonderful month gallivanting across the world to showcase our corpus. Our first stop was Keystone DH in Baltimore, MD, USA; then QUALICO in Lausanne, CH; and Corpus Linguistics in Lancaster, UK.

We also touched on the successes of the EViL Lab through the lens of MapLemon during the workshop sessions before Digital Humanities ’23 in Graz, Austria.

FURTHERMORE (yes, even more!), hello to everyone from the Stylometry Retreat in Vienna!

It was truly an honor to present MapLemon at all of these conferences. We got some great feedback as well as potential collaborators and future projects using MapLemon.

MapLemon currently has one journal article in pre-publication with Digital Studies/Le Champ Numérique, and an article from Digital Humanities will also be published.

We are currently collecting data from transwomen, as well as beginning work on localizing MapLemon into… Dutch! Yes, MapLemon is going international! But first- IRB approval.

As usual… if anyone out there is reading this and knows of funding sources, be it for travel or otherwise, please send them my way! You all (whoever that is) have my email: tmanning@gradcenter.cuny.edu. Don’t be shy! If you have any ideas or collaborators, potential journals to submit to, or even just want to send fanmail (we should all do this more!!)- hit me up.

FINALLY… MAPLEMON IS GOING TO LANGUAGE, GENDER, AND SEX IN HELSINKI, FINLAND!!! See you in October, and thank you SO MUCH to the organizers for this wonderful opportunity.

Peace outtie!

-Teddy (as if anyone else writes on this blog, I kinda just felt like signing off heheh)

Ahh, money.

Short update: currently working on securing funding via grant proposals for the next round of Map Lemon respondents; this round will be another focused on Queer people to really elaborate on the data that already exists and reaffirm our suspicions.

After that, depending on the results from analysis we may want to look more into nonbinary people (currently researching methods to analyze their data while avoiding binarism, btw!), we may want to look more into ethnicity, sexuality, etc.

I’ve also fantasized about being able to do research on the effect being neurodivergent vs neurotypical would have on these results, especially since Queerness tends to overlap with neurodivergence, but I think the IRB approval on that would be tricky–we’ll see for the future.

Good Morning, CUNY!

Hello one and… none! As it stands, no one reads this blog yet. Perhaps that’s for the better. Today I finished tweaking the visuals to my liking, and I’m going to start uploading useful information to it soon enough.

I plan on using this blog to aggregate my work across classes, as well as a homebase for my CV and other research. Nice to have somewhere to point people to that proves I exist… why do academics like Twitter so much, anyway? If anybody knows what an RSS feed is, please let me know.

I also expect I’ll use this blog for random opinions as well. Listen, I had a blog back in the aughts and that’s what we all did- blurted random opinions out into the void in the hopes someone would listen. Are you the captive audience I’ve been waiting for?

Perhaps I should’ve introduced myself. My name is Theodore, but everyone calls me Teddy (or sometimes Ted, if you’re weird like that). I’m a Computational Linguist, a title which was thrust upon me rather than chosen (can you tell the imposter syndrome hits hard?), and a current Master’s student in Digital Humanities at CUNY’s Graduate Center. My main project is Project Map Lemon, which seeks to establish a baseline for linguistic change across the Internet (and is currently exclusive to North American English, I should add). I’m a volunteer research assistant with the Evaluating Variation in Language lab at Duquesne University, and I’m also currently employable!

You can contact me at: tmanning@gradcenter.cuny.edu.

You’ll find, as well, that I’m a loud gay Jew. I’m not afraid to get political, either. In my free time, I tend to find myself crumbling underneath the weight of existential dread, reading an excess in vampire novels, or playing Minecraft.

Nice to meetcha!

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